Our culture

Customers choose Quintop because of its proactive no-nonsense approach. At Quintop, good is not good enough; we constantly want to exceed clients’ expectations. Passion, pragmatism and a focus on results are the most important core values in this respect. We value our open culture. To maintain this, we encourage mutual consultation, personal development and knowledge sharing. The monthly Quintop sessions, for instance, address these aspects. This culture is further reinforced by teambuilding and other informal gatherings.

Our core competences

Meet our team of around 30 passionate professionals, each with their unique personality. With us, we always strive for the highest level for our consultants. The core competences you can expect from our Quintoppers are: proactive, quality-oriented, authenticity, togetherness and self-reflection. Curious about the entire team? Click below and get to know us

Our Quintoppers


Takes the lead in actions and makes proposals. Anticipates, seeks and sees opportunities. Identifies bottlenecks and addresses them. Works with a practical and hands-on approach.

Quality Oriented

Sets high standards for the quality of work. Performs tasks with care and attention.


Is true to own personality. Does not act from a ‘role’, but from oneself and is therefore reliable and credible.


Contributes to the goal of Quintop and the care for the customer, others and themselves. Works together with Quintop colleagues and is able to strike the right balance between self-interest, organisational interest and customer interest. Is socially oriented and helps where possible/necessary.


Demonstrates an open-minded approach towards both themselves and others. Capable of reflecting upon their own actions and emotions, extracting valuable insights for learning and anticipation.

Colleagues having a great time during the Friday afternoon drinks

Our people deliver quality and we value that. That is why we offer our employees an excellent salary and good secondary benefits. They have access to a lease car or public transport business card, a laptop and a telephone so that they can serve the customer even better. In addition, there is always attention and room for personal development. At the end of the week, we have drinks together. In addition, to encourage mutual contact and knowledge sharing, we organise monthly interesting activities such as the Quint session.