Social Plan

A customized social plan

Why consider a social plan?

The social plan describes the arrangements and provisions taken for both staying as leaving employees. Furthermore, it explains how the social and financial consequences of the reorganization are being dealt with e.g. an assessment procedure, a (re)location procedure, a mobility scheme and severance payment.

As employer, you don’t have the obligation to draw up a social plan. However, we believe that a solid social plan is of great importance in a reorganization. Both you and your employees know where they stand throughout and after the reorganization. It ensures transparency and supports the entire reorganization process. In the event of collective redundancies, a social plan is indispensable.

Quintop has many years of experience in the field of guiding reorganizations. We are able to set up a suitable social plan for every organization. We have several templates to accelerate this process. If desirable, we can assist in negotiating with unions and/or your Work Council, or do this completely for you.

More information

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