Successfully managing your reorganization

Quintop has extensive experience in advising organizations to succesfully restructure their business operations. We provide a customized and independent service for organizations, whether their facing a small or large reorganization. We apply a rigorous proces to ensure the reorganization is supported from study till aftercare, ensuring that the organization reaches its objective and employees reach the best possible outcome.

Quintop’s approach:

Efficient: We use a limited number of resources to support your transition team. In addition we use our tools (the Reorganizer, Resourcing Tool and Retention Scanner) and adapt these to your specific business context.

Effective: We apply a thorough selection process. Special attention is given to the communication with managers, employees, Works Council and unions.

Carefree: We apply a detailed project management approach that provides insight into project costs & timelines, complies with legal & regulatory requirements and provides constant up-to-date management information.

Our reorganization activities include:

  • Develop a reorganization plan
  • Establish a social plan
  • Consultation process with the Works Council and Union
  • Collective redundancy announcement
  • Take care of employment ceases

More information

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