Project Management

Project Management Officer

The experience shows that project design (governance) and afterwards maintaining the risks, actions, progress, changes in the scope and test cases is crucial for chances of success of a project. Project Management is an art and our Project Management Officers (PMOs) could be helping.

Quintop has extensive experience Project Management and has perfected its approach over the years. Our PMOs are the right hand of a Project Manager support the project team. They have thorough knowledge of project management techniques and have experience with Scrum and Lean. Our people are integer, passionate, result-oriented, proactive and have a lot of responsibility.

Quintop has supported (complex) projects and programs in various market sectors, both nationally and internationally. Per project or program, the right method is determined and tailored to suit your organization.

If you are looking for an involved PMO, or would you like to discuss any other possibilities, please contact us for a free call on 030-6704605 or the contact form.