Payroll system

A reliable and modern payroll system

A reliable and modern payroll system is vital for your organization.

Payment of staff needs to be 100% correct and on time. Furthermore, the local labor- and fiscal laws must be applied.

Quintop has extensive experience in the selection, migration and implementation of payroll systems in business and governmental organizations. We would like to help you with an optimal and efficient automation of your payroll system. Our payroll consultants are experts in law regulations and have thorough knowledge of all payroll software on the market. They are capable of giving independent advice about a solution that fits your needs, your organization and your objectives.

 Our payroll activities include:

  • Package selection: selecting a new package based on the required functionalities and specifications.
  • System integration: linking existing software and hardware systems to a new payroll system.
  • Project management: automating your payroll system asks for a specific project management.

More information

If you are considering a (new) automated payroll system, Quintop can make a Quickscan of your organization. With this rapid and complete screening of your payroll process, it is possible to expose potential bottlenecks and identify where improvement is possible or necessary.

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