HR Excellence

The optimized HR function

Do you recognize yourself in the following questions?

  • What is the added value of my HR organization?
  • How effective is my HR organization at the moment?
  • How can I increase the impact of my HR organization?

Do you want a thorough understanding of how your HR function operates at the moment? And do you want to achieve a significant performance improvement of your HR function? Then Quintop is the designated partner for this. Quintop helps to exceed the expectations of your internal customers.

Modern HR is increasingly demanding high standards. This makes it important that your HR function operates in a mature way and in line with the strategy and expectations of the organization. Quintop provides the right tools and guidance to investigate and optimize the HR function.

Quintop has extensive experience in HR optimization and can help you improve your full-width HR function. This doesn’t only include HR organization and HR strategy & operations, but also the role of line management in the implementation of HR.

  • HR organization: we would like to screen your complete HR organization, based on the Quintop HR maturity model™ and ‘Agile in HR’. Via the Quintop HR Excellence scan we provide insight into the current and desired HR maturity, current bottlenecks and a concrete plan of improvement, which we gladly implement with you.
  • HR strategy & operations: we would like to assist in the HR strategy development, the translation of this strategy and the implementation of your operational choices.
  • Line management development: for the implementation of your HR policy, the quality of your line management is essential. Quintop HR Development offers tailor-made guidance.

Quintop’s method is characterized by a pragmatic and integral approach. This will help you to realize real impact.

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