High Potential Pool

High Potential Pool

Looking for a young talent for your organization? Someone who is enthusiastic, ambitious and has high potential? Temporary capacity needed for a project? Or do you have talented young employees but not enough time to train them? The High Potential Program of Quintop may be able to help you and your company!


Why would you choose for a High Potential?


Diverse roles

Do you need someone for project-, process, communication or change management? Our ambitious starters are able to fulfill diverse roles for a competitive price.

Unique perspective

Would you like to have innovative approach within your company? Our High Potentials can easily be employed in your company and are highly motivated to help you out!

Training & Development

Would you like to spend more time on training and development? Our High Potentials join a challenging program to improve both their professional and personal skills.

Transfer possibilities

Do you have a mutual match? Our High Potentials can decide to transfer to your company.

Are you looking for a High Potential? Feel free to contact us via 030-6704605 or the contact form.