Harmonizing employment conditions

Harmonizing employment conditions

One employment condition package for all staff.

Companies which are brought together through mergers or takeovers usually have different employment conditions packages. Having a single employment condition package for all the staff of the new company is very important for establishing a new and shared culture. Harmonizing employment conditions prevents unrest within your organization because work is rewarded equally. In addition, it is easier to manage personnel costs and reduce administrative burden.

Harmonizing employment conditions with tried and tested instruments.

Quintop helps you to harmonize employment conditions quickly and efficiently. We use tried and tested tools (Harmonization Tool) to analyze and quantify the differences and set out the best route to a harmonized package. In harmonizing the employment conditions we pay attention to the communication. Our objective is to create support within the entire organization. We do this by means of an “Overview of Personal Employment Conditions”. This allows us to clearly set out the employment conditions package for each member of staff.

Experience teaches us that an overview of personal employment conditions increases the motivation and appreciation of staff.

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