Benefit Shop

Benefit Shop

Do you sometimes feel your employment conditions package has become much too complex? Or are you in the middle of a merger or takeover? More and more companies are deciding to drastically simplify their employment conditions. The Benefit Shop from Quintop is the ideal solution: fewer rules, greater freedom of choice thanks to an individual options budget for your staff and satisfaction all round.

The Benefit Shop is innovative and simple

The innovative concept of the Benefit Shop significantly reduces the number of rules and means you only give your staff time and money in exchange for their work. The individual options budget allows your staff to select the employment conditions that suit them from the shop. You benefit from simplified HR processes, reduced costs and increased employee satisfaction.

Our Benefit Shop activities include:

Quintop will help you incorporate the Benefit Shop in negotiations on your Collective Employment Agreement or consultations with your Works Council;

  •  Together with you, we will transform your company’s employment conditions package in a cost-neutral way;
  • The Quintop consultants will advise you on the individual options budget for your staff and build the shop for you;
  • Quintop will support you in simplifying your existing HR administration and reducing your costs;
  • We will help you in securing the associated fiscal benefits from the tax department.

Experience with Benefit Shops

The consultants from Quintop have extensive experience in implementing employment conditions options systems and Benefit Shops. It is a great concept if you need to harmonies employment conditions as a result of mergers and takeovers. Moreover, the Benefit Shop is a tried and tested method when it comes to renewing Collective Employment Agreements.

More information

If you would like to know more about our approach and the advantages of the Benefit Shop, or would you like to discuss other possibilities?
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