Best practices

Reorganizing successfully, it is possible!

One after the other reorganization is announced. Unfortunately, we know that less than a third of the reorganizations is successful and causes positive change. We also know that reorganizations are often experienced as complex and long-term projects, with many losses. Which factors determine the success of a reorganization? Reorganizing successfully ‘Successful’ is a relative concept […]

Competence Management Project

Quintop successfully supported and managed a project for an international company in which the Competence Management Model has been renewed globally. Competence Management for development and assurance Competence Management has always been an important element within this organization. However, it was used and applied in various ways. Without a standard approach that was managed centrally, […]

The development of HR: from Data Expert to Strategic Partner

HR operations versus strategy The HR function should be influential and strategic. Most of the time this is not (yet) the case! Currently, HR primarily focuses on costs and activities (i.e. HR Scorecards) and reaching lowest benchmark levels on HR costs per dollar/euro or lowest HR headcount to total headcount (Boudreau and Hampstad, 2007). This […]

Slow change

October, 2014 Quintop Partner, Wilco Bontenbal, and Sr. Consultant, Koen Struijk, published an article on slow change for HR community. In this article they plead for change that lasts: slow change. This concept is based on the development of change management in the last fifty years and several business cases. Just imagine you are asked: […]

Reorganization at its best

July, 2013 It is certainly not the first reorganization we do and therefore we can say it’s a good one. Why? Because both employer and employees are satisfied with how the reorganization went, which is a though job to accomplish since many jobs had to disappear (25% FTe reduction). What is our secret? In a […]