Quintop people

Quintop people

Mireille – Specialist Projectmanagement

“Quintop is an informal but highly professional organization. We place a great value on passion. We see every assignment as a competitive sport, in which we always give more than 100 percent and constantly try to exceed customers’ expectations. Despite the fact that we are not at the Quintop office very often, it is a very pleasant home base. And you get to work with nice colleagues who are always available to give advice.”

Ilse – Senior Consultant

“Quintop is an ambitious and open organization that believes in its employees. The standard is high, but good results are rewarded. At Quintop, initiative is important so you have to show a certain degree of entrepreneurship. High value is placed on contact with colleagues. We are a cohesive group where you easily feel at home. We work hard but also have fun together. We strive to bring out the best in each other, for instance at the ‘Quintsessions’ where we share our knowledge and experience. Our customers are interesting and leading companies, the assignments divers and challenging. Again and again, it gives me a good feeling to achieve a good result at one of our customers as a Quintopper!”

Margot – Junior Consultant

“What immediately attracted me about Quintop was the opportunity to work for a small company with an open, informal but also professional culture, while being involved in challenging projects at big leading companies. As a young professional it’s important for me to be challenged and coached so I can continue to grow and develop myself. At Quintop this is possible because you work with ambitious, experienced colleagues who are always available to you. With a proactive and entrepreneurial mindset you can quickly create opportunities for yourself. Although we spend much of our time at clients, we are a tight group and stay closely connected. For instance, we get together every month for a ‘Quintsession’ to share knowledge and experiences. Besides that, we also undertake plenty of activities for fun, like dinner or a weekend of skiing.”

Madelon – Senior Consultant

”Working at Quintop for me represents best of both worlds: Quintop is a relatively small and personal organisation, where my contributions are visible and I feel empowered because of this direct influence. I really enjoy being part of the team, full of ambitious and professional colleagues, who all value a pleasurable working environment. Next to this, Quintop offers the opportunity to take a lead, or implement projects at diverse, appealing organisations. In my work, good results and a warm relationship with the customer are central in my performance.”

Boudewijn – Medior Consultant

“Quintop struck me as a highly professional company from day one. The projects are challenging and are implemented with a lot of passion and professionalism. I am also very happy with the internal coaching. Moreover, the atmosphere within the team is very good, without compromising the professionalism of staff.”