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Quintop Headlines June 2017

Quintop HR Development is focusing on sustainable flexibility Quintop HR Development has developed a portfolio of interventions that help companies and its employees to be assured of the right people in the right place now and in the future. With thorough analysis and well-developed development processes, we support employers and employees to continue working professionally, […]

Quintop HR Development is focusing on sustainable flexibility

The economy is running again and UWV expects growth of jobs by 225,000 in 2018. In care and construction, almost no people can be found. At the same time, the number of people receiving social assistance is still increasing. A part is caused by immigrants with a non-Western background who have been granted a residence […]

The first months of Manon as High Potential at Quintop

Half past March I started as High Potential at Quintop. On my first day, I received an overview of the High Potential program and received an Iphone and MacBook right away. Quintop pays a lot of attention to onboarding. For the first few weeks, I was able to get to Quintop’s customers to meet all […]

Blog: Groundhog Day in HR?

Do you know the movie Groundhog Day? This 90’s movie is about a grumpy weatherman (actor Bill Murray) who is has to make a report in a small town, Punxsutawney. He does so with great reluctance. Every morning, he wakes up and it’s the same day. He is ‘caught in time’ and he is not […]

Interview with Marlis Krooshof about the High Potential Program

Interview with Marlis Krooshof. Marlis is a consultant at Quintop Management Consultants and initiator of the High Potential Program. This is a 2 year program in which starters are being developed to a professional consultant at a high pace. The High Potential Program now knows its first group of starters. What is the reason this […]

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